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    8 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine, Heat Press Machine Combo, 15×15 Inches Heat Machine

    This Combo Heat Press Machine is consisted of 8 accessories they are: T-shirt heating plate, mug heating plate(4kinds),cap heating plate and plate heating plate (two sizes).
    This heat press machine enjoys multifunctions in one machine, it can be used for transferring on t-shirt, mug, plate, cap and so on. Moreover the heating accessory can be joined .It can swing-away 180 degrees and is convenient to take off the transferred materials and can be used for transferring on certain thick materials. You can replace the heating plate easily and conveniently without using any special tools.

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    Brite Heat double table Pneumatic Heat Press

    Heat Presses: A heat press is central to success when decorating garments with heat transfer materials. Your choice of heat press can be based on a variety of factors, including heat press style, features, and performance.  40”X48” Heavy Duty Dual Shuttle Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Heat Press

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    Brite Heat RTR 1700-200

    Product Description: Britomatics offer a high quality innovative engineered  Rotary and Pneumatic Heat press .The Rotary heat press is made using a heavy duty frame and having best quality electrical & pneumatic Components. The multifunctional model offers the option of roll to roll transfer and piece by piece option. The heating system is an electrically heated oil filled drum that ensures consistent heat throughout the width of the drum

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    FALCONPRO 1801 DX7 Solvent / Sublimation printer

    Product Description:

    Eco Solvent / Sublimations printers  for indoor and outdoor digital printing. They let you easily print a variety of eye-popping displays, point-of-purchase materials, billboards, vehicle graphics and backlight signage up to 3.2 meters/125 inches wide.


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    The FXC2000 flatbed cutter is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid packaging media and other sheet fed materials. With Graphtec’s medium to large flatbed cutting plotters, you have the right tool for contour cutting without requiring a die. Reduce media waste and processing time with included, dedicated software.

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    Graphtec brass tip blade holder 0.9mm diameter for CB09UB series blades for FC Series (PHP35-CB09-HS)

    Compatible with blades: CB09UB, CB09UB-K60

    0.9mm, blue top, black brass tip.

    ATTENTION: If you are using CB09UA Blade (with spring); Insert only the CB09UA blade without the spring.  This blade-holder, plunger design already includes an internal spring.  These brass tip blade-holders, plungers are more rigid and lend to more accurate cutting.

    Compatible Models# FC Series

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    GRAPHTEC CE6000 Plus Series Vinyl Cutter / Cutting Plotter is amongst the easiest to use on the market whilst yielding high quality results every time.

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    Graphtec CE7000 Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Bonus Software


    CE7000 series has updated features from the CE6000: 25% faster ARMS print & cut with barcode reading; thumb drive operation; blazing cutting speed, precision, and accurate tracking.

    BONUS: Graphtec PRO Studio Software – 1 License:
    Extremely Powerful Design Software


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    Graphtec FC4550 Series ideal Cutting Plotter

    FC4550 Series are the ideal cutting plotter for high-precision and medium-heavy material crafting jobs and is suitable for cutting intricate designs on vinyl, photo-masking films, foam material, cardboard, oil board, and sandblast resist rubber.

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    Graphtec FC5100 Teflon Cutting Mat Replacement

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    Graphtec FC8000/FC7000 Teflon Cutting Mat Replacement

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    Graphtec FC8600

    FC8600 series has a maximum cutting speed of up to 58.5 inches per second delivering a cutting force up to 600 gf, 4.0G maximum acceleration — delivering unsurpassed 50 feet* tracking.

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