Epson DX7 Solvent Printhead 2nd coded

Epson DX7 Solvent Printhead 2nd coded

Epson DX7 Solvent Printhead 2nd coded

Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $830.00.

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Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $830.00.

Epson DX7 printhead is suitable for a series of solvent based Chinese DX7 printers.

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Manufacturer part number: F187000
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Product Description

This model of solvent resistant Epson printhead is suitable for certain solvent based Chinese DX7 printers manufactured after 2014. This printhead has 8 channels and 180 nozzles per channel. It has a 3,5 picoliter drop size with Variable-Sized Droplet technology.

This printhead is the DX7 head model released by Epson after 2014 (2nd coded). This printhead Epson part number is F187000. We offer 3 versions of this printhead: ”not coded’’, ”1st coded” and ”2nd coded”. The printheads are identical but the printhead cables differ. Please make sure you select the right printhead for your printer as they are not compatible. This version is encrypted and it is compatible with new printhead control boards installed on printers after the end of 2013. This head ID starts with I, J or K. It is important to check if the old printhead is 2nd coded before any new head installation and the head ID alone cannot determine the head type.

Printer compatibility

  • Fengda Technology (HK) CO. Limited X8126NDE
  • Forni 7090E
  • MeiTu MT-StarJet 7702L
  • MeiTu MT-StarJet 7703
  • MeiTu MT-StarJet 7703L
  • MeiTu MT-StarJet 77802L
  • MeiTu MT-StarJet W7701
  • Sanyi Tech SinoColor Storm SJ-740i
  • TEC Sign Maker TJ-1601
  • Wit-Color Ultra 9200

Product Specification

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in


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