StarFire SG1024/LA2Ci Printhead

StarFireâ„¢ SG1024/LA2Ci Printhead

StarFire SG1024/LA2Ci Printhead

Original price was: $3,880.00.Current price is: $3,390.00.

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Original price was: $3,880.00.Current price is: $3,390.00.

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Manufacturer part number: SG1024/LA2Ci
Brands:: Dimatix
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Product Description

The StarFire SG1024/LA2Ci Printhead is a compact, self-contained unit built to withstand demanding industrial textile and other applications. It uses field proven materials to deliver consistent output over a long service life with continuous ink re-circulation and two-color operation at 200 dots-per-inch. Equipped with a single replaceable metal nozzle plate that is designed to withstand abrasion and resist damage. The unit is compatible with solvent, UV-curable and aqueous ink formulations.

Each SG1024/LA2Ci printhead has two separate ink paths each with 512 independent channels arranged in 4 rows in a single nozzle plate for resolutions up to 200 dpi. All 1024 nozzles can be fired.


  • Number of addressable Jets per module: 1024
  • Print width: 64.96mm (2.55″)
  • Native resolution: 200 dpi percolor and interlaced for a 400 dpi swatch
  • Native drop size: 80pl
  • Largest drop size: 200pl
  • VersaDrop max productivity: 1500ng-kHz with drop sizes between 80 amp; 200ng
  • Fire frequency: Up to 20 kHz
  • Inkjet operating temperature range: Up to 50°C (122°F)
  • Nozzle Plate technology: Metal
  • Printhead heat type: Integrated heater, thermal transfer
  • OEM accessible non-volatile memory: 64 byte rewriteable
  • Integral temperature sensor: Integrated
  • Nominal fluid viscosity: 8-20 cP (10-14 cP recommended)
  • Compatible jetting fluids: UV-curable, organic solvents, and aqueous inks
  • Product Specification

    Weight 5 lbs
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in