When To Replace Printhead – 3 Major Signs To Consider

The printhead is the most complex and technically demanding part of an ink-jet printer. Printheads are tiny nozzles and they perform the most crucial job in printing. They fire tiny ink droplets that make up the overall image of the print. And with passage of time and use they do get worn off and dirty. Read on to find out more about when to clean or replace this one of the most important and most expensive printer component .There [...]


Printhead DX7 for Roland RE-640 / VS-640 / RA-640 technology

Printhead DX7 for Roland RE-640 / VS-640 / RA-640 The Roland RE640 / VS640 dx7 printhead is suitable for Roland VS, RA and RE eco-solvent printers. The Roland RE640 / VS640 DX7 printhead  has a native resolution of 360 dpi, 8 nozzle lines (corresponding with 8 independent ink channels) and 180 nozzles per line. The Roland RE640 / VS640 DX7 printhead is either used in 4-colour or 8-colour printers and has a minimum, variable droplet size of 1.5 pico litre (max. droplet size is 21 pico litre). The typical firing [...]


Epson Launches First Full Recirculation Printhead

Epson has introduced three new PrecisionCore printheads to cope with increased demand in commercial and industrial digital printing, including the D3000-A1R, the first Epson head to support ink recirculation past the back of the nozzle.   This 1200 npi D3000-A1R is the first Epson printhead to offer ink recirculation around the back of the nozzle. This is a significant advance that clearly indicates Epson’s determination to play in the industrial print market where full recirculation such as this is necessary to handle [...]


The Benefits of Latex Inks

Before breaking down the benefits of latex inks, let’s examine the history of digital printing technologies. Until 2008, the three primary digital print technologies used were aqueous or water-based inks, solvent, and UV-cured inks. Aqueous or water-based ink was used primarily for indoor use. The quality was great, with an excellent color gamut, but the durability and water fastness meant it was not really suited for outdoor applications. Solvent-based inks were used primarily for outdoor signage. The water resistance and UV [...]


7 Common Sublimation Issues & How to Fix Them

As you work toward becoming an experienced dye-sublimation printer, you may come across one or more obstacles such as your transfer coming out blurry, dull or faded. Don’t get discouraged! This is all part of the learning process, and most of our new sublimation customers go through a trial and error period. We’ve compiled some of the most frequent issues associated with dye-sublimation printing in case you ever experience one. Why aren’t my transfers coming out vibrant? There are a few [...]


Digital Decorating: Direct-To-Garment DTG Growth Opportunities for 2021

  Today’s online shopper has their eye on the instant gratification of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. “We live in an instant gratification world where companies like Amazon deliver whatever we want to buy, sometimes the same day,” says Equipment Zones’ Terry Combs. “The new mantra of the modern consumer is: I want one, I want it custom and I want it now!” DTG Printing Strength and Weaknesses The strength of DTG decorating has been and will continue to be the ability to instantly print [...]


Printheads : Part of the Equation

By Melissa Donovan Printheads are in many ways the muscle of a printer. When constructed correctly, they enable printing to various materials and surfaces at specific speeds. Working in tandem with ink, other hardware components, and software enables print service providers (PSPs) to continue digitally decorating and creating applications far beyond what was once imagined. Above: Epson PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead. New Printheads Despite a volatile past 12 months, many printhead manufacturers debuted new printhead technology in 2020. Epson’s latest generation of printheads are larger [...]


Sublimation Ghosting Busting

Ghosting mainly occurs in sublimation when the ink is still active even after you have opened the heat press as the transfer paper could have slightly moved during this process. When opening the heat press, the substrate and paper might move slightly resulting in the image to be slightly skewed from where it was intended to be pressed. This will leave a ghost-like image and ruin the blank. Unfortunately, there is no going back from this and you just [...]


Dye Sublimation : Upcoming Industry (By Elizabeth Quirk)

Dye-sublimation (dye-sub) is the process of converting ink into a gas that fuses to textile fibers. There are two types of dye-sub printing—direct and transfer. Direct dye-sub printing involves sublimating ink directly to the fabric. It eliminates the need for transfer paper but requires pretreated fabrics. However, printed fabrics need to be run through a heat press or calendar for the sublimation process to bond the ink to the fabric. In transfer dye-sub printing, the images or graphics are first [...]


Digital Textile Printing

By Cassandra Balentine Textile printing is a hot and growing industry segment. Wide format digital print technologies evolve to better serve this market, especially for direct printing methods. Advancements in inks, and media—including pre-coatings—are essential. However, printheads specifically designed for textile printing help improve speed and quality as well as reduce challenges commonly associated with textile printing. Water-based inks are popular for printing to textiles, and printheads designed for textile printing are advancing to better accommodate these inks. The number of [...]

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